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Diabetes Reversal Expert

Dr Harsh Bardhan Diabetes Reversal Expert with 15 years of experience, ex. Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital New Delhi. More than 10,000 satisfied patients choose us!

Diabetes reveresal program
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Online Consultation Facility

Simply book your online consultation from the ease of your home

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Svacare always care for your health

Svacare is the pioneer in health management in Noida. We are eager to keep you fit and healthy.

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Join Our Health Rejuvenation program

Our health is a serious matter for us due to changing lifestyles we all are facing different types of health problem in our everyday life. Svacare has brought Health Rejuvenation program for your which is designed by our experts.

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Our Diabetes Reversal Program Helped 10000+ Diabetes Patients

Doctor with 15 years of experience as a diabetes specialist comes forword to manage your diabetes 


Diabetics have reversed their diabetes


Over 3000+ have managed their weight


Hba1c under 6.5

Our Services

Diabetes Reversal

PCOD Management

Sleep Management


10000+ our satisfied patients  

Noida's Top Rated Diabetes Reversal Program

Insulin Elimination

Our aim is to help you get rid of life long medicine and live a healthy life

Diet Plan

Our team of experts keep check on your daily nutrition and diet and help you to boost your metabolism

Root Cause of Diabetes

Our team of experts identify the root cause of diabetes and best practice to eliminate diabetes

Direct Chat With Expert

you can have direct chat with our diabetes expert

Analyse of patients

We do deep and complete analyse of patients

Low or eliminate medicine

Our team of experts have reduced or eliminated the medicine

Svacare Focus On To Make India Diabetes MUKT

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Diabetes Can
Cause Many Complications-

Diabetes is a chronical disease which can cause many complications if not get treated on time. Dr Harsh Bardhan Diabetes Reversal Expert With his 14 years of experience is sharing views on how you can manage your diabetes. Dr harsh Has helped 10000+ diabetics to manage their diabetes.

Every Sunday :- Time 8:30 am To 10:30 am

Dr Harsh Bardhan Diabetes Reversal Program

How Does Diabetes Reversal Program Work

Dr Harsh Bardhan’s diabetes reversal program is designed to manage your blood sugar level without insulin or medicine. Our aim is to make India diabetes MUKT. Our course is designed by diabetes reversal expert Dr Harsh Bardhan who have an experience 15 years of and well knows how to manage your diabetes. Our diabetes reversal program has helped 10000+ diabetics to Reverse their diabetes.

Weight Management

Our course has helped 3000+ patients to loss their weight upto 6 kg in one month.

Diet chart

We provide you the best diet chart according to your health conditions.

Exercise video

Exercise we provide to our patients are especially designed for diabetics which are proven to manage their diabetes.

Hba1c dropped

Our patients hba1c dropped from 9.2 to 6.5

Diabetes reveresal program

Dr Harsh Bardhan
Diabetes Reversal Expert
Ex. Dr RML Hospital, Delhi

Diabetes Reversal Expert

Dr Harsh Bardhan Diabetes Reversal Expert with his 15 years of experience has helped 10000+ diabetes patients to reverse their diabetes.

Patients Reviews

My sugar level was 400 above before 20 days and now it is only 120 best diabetes doctor
Mohd Kaif
Mohd Kaif
I'm from Hapur and my mom and dad both are diabetic. We found Dr Harsh Bardhan on Google and just consulted him for diabetes. He is the best doctor and very friendly
Rihan Khan
Rihan Khan
Dr Harsh Bardhan is my family doctor best doctor
Nitin Pal
Nitin Pal
Diabetes ke liye bhot badhiya hai
Arjun Kumar
Arjun Kumar
We are basically from Moradabad and my father had diabetes. We consulted Dr Harsh Bardhan, he is best diabetologist
nirankar singh
nirankar singh
Dr Harsh Bardhan is a good doctor
Arjun Kumar
Arjun Kumar


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, it could be possible to put your diabetes into remission with the right coach. Svacare has helped 10000+ diabetics to reverse their diabetes. Diabetes reversal or remission means when your blood is below than diabetes range and you do not have to take diabetes medicine. Svacare also works on the same concept, in our 21 days diabetes remission program our experts train you to keep your blood glucose under control with no medication or very low medicine

Yes, diabetes reversal is sustainable if a diabetic have the right coach and right trainig of reversal. Diabetes is a life long disease but it can be managed by follow right guidelines and by having a right coach. Managing weight and having right diet could help you to reverse your diabetes. Svacare is the pioneer diabetes reversal in Noida with right coach and trainers and best diabetes doctor, more than 10000 diabetics have reversed their diabetes.

Yes, according to a survey by many diabetes associations like twins and american diabetes association type 2 diabetes can be transfferd from one generation to another, But it can be managed if taken treatment on time. Svacare has helped thousands of diabetics to manage their diabetes at very low medicine.

Yes ofcourse, diabetes reversal work. It can be a sustainable for a long time but there are some conditions which you have to follow, you have to maintain a balance in your lifestyle.

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